Integrative Learning

Spotlight: Huong Tran ’17

The training Huong Tran ’17 has received at the Offutt School of Business led her to a noteworthy summer internship at Deloitte Vietnam.


When meeting Tran, it’s hard to imagine she once described herself as shy.

Tran is an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam, majoring in business with concentrations in marketing and organizational leadership. Friendly and cheerful with a good sense of humor, she is easy and interesting to talk to.

“I couldn’t even speak in front of people before Concordia, but here, I have been lucky to have leadership experience,” she says.

Tran came to Moorhead after studying in St. Paul, Minn., for part of high school. While at Concordia, she certainly has built up an impressive resume. She is currently a leader of the marketing club, an intercultural affairs representative for Student Government Association, a career peer, and an online content assistant in the Office of Communications and Marketing.


This past summer, however, Tran had an internship that really stands out. Tran worked as a business development intern at Deloitte, one of the “big four” finance and accounting companies in the world. When she saw Deloitte Vietnam was offering summer internships for Vietnamese students studying abroad outside of the country, she decided to apply. Tran knew working at Deloitte would provide her with a good work environment and global connections.

As one of two business development interns, Tran’s duties included collecting daily news, sending out press releases, giving clients and foreign partners financial regulations and tax legislation updates. Overall, her internship was full of diverse experiences.

“Every day coming to work was a surprise. Some days I got to be a design intern, some days I was a photography intern, one day I got to be an event planning intern,” she says. “There was a wide range of experience that I was getting.”

One of her favorite experiences was participating in a tax conference. The event was held in several different cities and, during the two-week period, Tran got to travel and meet with many clients and potential clients. The conference planning committee was small – four staff members and an intern – but Tran says they received many compliments. Her performance was even recognized by senior managers.


The new connections Tran made at her internship were another perk. Tran has studied in the United States for the last five years, so she had few professional connections in Vietnam. However, the internship program at Deloitte helped her to meet many new friends. The Deloitte interns had a budget to spend on activities outside of work, such as going for dinner or coffee, to help them bond and connect outside of the office. Interns also had volunteer opportunities to teach English to people who might not have had the opportunity to learn the language.

Tran says Concordia helped give her the knowledge and skills to perform well at her job. Although she previously had a marketing internship, she still had to have a broad knowledge of finance to work at Deloitte. She says the Offutt School of Business helped her to attain those skills and background.

“You are super well-rounded,” she says of Concordia’s business students. “You don’t just know about marketing; you don’t just know about finance. You know about everything.”

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